KUALA BESUT: The National Registration Department (JPN) recorded a total of 27,280 late birth certificate registration applications from 2022 until yesterday.

Its director-general Badrul Hisham Alias ​​said of that number, a total of 12,398 late birth certificate registration applications were recorded last year, which was an increase of 192 cases compared to 12,206 cases in 2022.

“Sabah is the state with the highest late registration, with 8,158 cases since 2022, followed by Selangor, Sarawak and Johor, while the lowest state is Perlis with 133 cases.

“Terengganu recorded a total of 713 cases for the same period,“ he told reporters at the Menyemai Kasih Rakyat (Mekar) programme in conjunction with the handing over of Late Registration Birth Certificates to two children in Kampung Pengkalan Ubi Keling, Kuala Besut here today.

He said that among the factors that delay birth registration are poverty, family problems and so on.

Accordingly, Badrul Hisham welcomes the cooperation of all parties including local leaders, non-governmental organisations, the media and the entire community to channel information to the NRD if they know that there are still individuals who have not yet registered their births.

Earlier at the Mekar programme, Badrul Hisham handed over birth certificates to two siblings, namely Anis Suhada Suheri, 7, and her one-year-old brother Rais Rayyan.

The media previously reported that the children’s parents delayed registering their child due to financial problems, resulting in Anis Suhada not registering for Year One earlier.