KUALA LUMPUR: Chinese national-type primary schools (SJKC) have experienced a notable increase in Bumiputera student enrollment, nearly doubling from 11.67% in 2014 to 18.52% this year, according to the Education Ministry (MoE).

In a written response on the Parliament website, the ministry reported that the enrollment of non-Bumiputera students at SJKC decreased from 88.33% to 81.48 %over the same period.

A similar trend was observed in national schools (SK), where non-Bumiputera student enrollment decreased from 6.19% in 2014 to 4.88% in 2024, while Bumiputera student enrollment increased from 93.81% to 95.12% during the same period.

“For Tamil national-type primary schools, there has been an increase in the enrollment of Bumiputera students from 0.38% in 2014 to 0.49% this year and non-Bumiputera pupils constitute approximately 99% of the enrollment at SJKTs during the same period, said the ministry.

Regarding international schools, as of May 31 this year, there were a total of 88,951 students enrolled, with 67.1% being citizens and 32.9% non-citizens. Among citizen students, 19.9% were Bumiputera and 80.1% were non-Bumiputera.

The MoE also highlighted that from 2019 to 2024, there was a 34% increase in citizen student enrollment in international schools. During the same period, Bumiputera student enrollment increased by 49.4%, while non-Bumiputera enrollment increased by 30.6%.

These statistics were provided in response to a query from Chow Yu Hui (PH-Raub) seeking information on student demographics across various school types.