GEORGE TOWN: A rectangular road divider at the intersection of Jalan Pisang Rastali and Jalan Pisang Embun in Kampung Pisang, Air Itam has raised safety concerns among road users.

Air Itam state assemblyman Joseph S.S. Ng said complaints have been received regarding the divider and the matter has been raised to the Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang.

“Although the area is under the jurisdiction of the Jabatan Kerja Raya, we always forward our complaints to (the Penang council) so that they can work together.

“Road users should adhere to traffic rules. Before the Sunshine Central residence and commercial area were completed, there was a triangular divider. After that, it became rectangular in anticipation of heavier traffic,” he said.

However, some drivers treat the rectangular divider as a small roundabout, ignoring traffic rules and endangering other road users.

“Perhaps police should monitor traffic around the area, especially during peak hours. Sometimes, not a minute goes by without motorbikes or cars breaking the rules,” said Mohan Veerasamy, 58, a safety and security manager who lives in Jalan Pisang Embun.

“It is very dangerous for road users and homeowners. Many collisions have occurred and it is dangerous to cross the road,” he said, adding that authorities should consider making the roads one-way.

A motorist said: “The divider is extremely dangerous for road users, especially when cars suddenly rush across the road and cannot be seen by oncoming drivers.”

Residents said the rectangular divider appeared several months ago.

“You can see many vehicles crossing the road where they are not supposed to. I use this road every day to travel to and from work and nearly got hit several times,” said a resident.

Another resident also said nobody came to discuss matters with those living in the area when Sunshine Central was built.

Despite the apparent danger, northeast district OCPD ACP Razlam Ab Hamid said there was only one reported collision over the past year involving Jalan Pisang Rastali and none for Jalan Pisang Embun.

Jabatan Kerja Raya did not respond to a request for comment as of press time.