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KUALA PERLIS: The ‘Bubur Lambuk Udang Lipan dan Ketam’ prepared by Masjid An-Nur in Kuala Sanglang, located approximately 15 kilometres from here, at the border of Kedah-Perlis, has become a unique and enticing dish that appeals to the masses as an iftar delicacy.

The mosque’s muezzin cum chef for the porridge, Asrol Alizan Abu Kasim, said that they have been serving the dish with the catchy name ‘Bubur Lambuk Seafood Viral’ for the past two years. However, this year, they’ve introduced a novelty by cooking it daily throughout the Ramadan period, unlike the intermittent cooking in previous years.

“We use fresh mantis shrimp and crab straight from the sea, considering the mosque’s proximity to the coast. These seafood ingredients are brought directly to the mosque from the jetty to be used in the porridge.

“We also include regular shrimp and squid in the porridge if they are available. Otherwise, mantis shrimp and crab serve as the main ingredients for the dish,“ he said when approached by reporters at the mosque today.

Asrol Alizan explained that seafood supplies for preparing the porridge are obtained through fishermen’s generous contributions as well as purchased using the mosque’s funds.

Asrol Alizan said that approximately 500 servings of the special Bubur Lambuk are cooked by the mosque every day. The cooking process begins around 11 am and the porridge is then distributed to the public after the Asar prayers.

He added that besides the mantis shrimp and crab porridge, the mosque also prepares porridge mixed with gearbox bones but is only available on specific days depending on circumstances.

Meanwhile, a resident of the nearby village, Yusmihadi Yaacob, 46, expressed his anticipation every day to collect the special porridge from the mosque for breaking his fast.

“This porridge is special because it contains seafood such as crab and mantis shrimp. The taste of this porridge has the sweetness of the seafood. While chicken and meat porridge are common, this one stands out because of the crab and mantis shrimp. It’s different,“ he said. -Bernama