IPOH: Water supply in Pangkor which affected tourism activities has been fully restored, said Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad (pix).

Saarani, who announced the matter in a statement, said the state government through the Perak Water Board (LAP) has overcome the problem of a leak in one of the three main trans-seabed pipelines suspected to be among the causes of the water supply disruption that occurred on the resort island.

“Pangkor Island’s tourism sector is ready to welcome back visitors as the problem of unscheduled water supply disruptions that occurred since the beginning of this month has fully restored.

“Repairs to plug the leak by LAP at the 3.5 kilometre long pipeline from Lumut jetty to Pangkor Island have completed,“ he said.

Saarani said in addition to repair work, LAP has also implemented several mitigation measures to overcome the problem.

“LAP has increased the water supply to the Manjung district to the optimum level besides rezoning the supply in the areas involved in disruption.

“In addition to that, LAP also assigned water tankers to be on standby mode for action including the provision of static tanks in strategic locations,“ he said.

He said that the water reservoir level on Pangkor Island showed a positive 'trend' while areas that previously experienced water supply disruptions including Teluk Nipah, Teluk Dalam and Sungai Pinang Kecil were reported to have fully recovered.

“I was informed that tour operators including owners of chalets and guesthouses affected by the water supply problem have also returned to normal operations.

“Even though the situation on Pangkor Island has recovered, LAP will continue to monitor the stability of the water supply to the area to prevent similar incident from happening again, especially during the 2024 Visit Perak Year campaign,“ he said.

Earlier it was reported that the water supply on Pangkor Island in the past few weeks was affected and the pressure was too low causing anxiety to users and tour operators on the island.

In fact, tour operators had to face demands from tourists who asked for refunds and discounts on the price of tour services as a result of the disruption.​ -Bernama

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