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ALOR SETAR: Close collaboration among security agencies in implementing integrated surveillance and operations is crucial for maintaining border safety and safeguarding national security.

Kedah Security director Zuraini Mohd Yusof emphasised the importance of this cooperation due to the state’s extensive border with neighbouring country.

“Border security is MKN (National Security Council) top priority. Although achieving zero intrusion is challenging, we prioritise minimising intrusions.

“MKN coordinates comprehensive operations involving security agencies in our country... collaboration between departments, especially agencies under the Home Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Department itself, is very good,“ she told Bernama recently.

She added that close cooperation, including involvement from the Immigration Department, Royal Malaysian Customs Department, police, and military, has successfully minimised security incidents at the country’s borders in the state.

Zuraini said although the number of intrusion cases involving illegal immigrants in the state is at a minimum level, efforts to combat such activities and other crimes threatening national security need to be continually enhanced.

Furthermore, she said that the people also need to be made aware of security threats and can play a role in combating them, rather than solely relying on government agencies.

“Each of us has a responsibility to safeguard national security, and we believe this awareness should be instilled from an early age, including at the school level as well as higher education institutions,“ she said.