PETALING JAYA: Over 500 visitors from various fields in China and Malaysia, including government departments, businesses, universities and media organisations, participated in a Chinese photography exhibition at Xiamen University Malaysia last Friday.

The event, titled “Charming Guangdong”, was held to showcase the unique beauty of the province.

Malaysia-China Friendship Association president Datuk Abdul Majid Ahmad Khan said he travelled to Guangdong not long ago and will be going there again early next year to visit friends and to learn more about the latest developments in the area.

“The exhibition is a positive initiative to introduce its developments to people around the world.

“Guangdong is a place with deep history. The exhibition imparted a lasting impression on guests.”

Abdul Majid added that he was particularly impressed by photos taken in 1919 and 2022 that showed changes in the landscape of Guangzhou over the past century.

The event was divided into three parts, namely the “Rivers and Seas Converge in Guangdong Where Everything Coexists Harmoniously”, “Global Economic and Trade Connections Drive Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and the “Lingnan Customs Mingle in Stunning, Affluent and Fortunate Locales”.

With the display of more than 50 exhibits, it highlighted the economic and trade development, cultural heritage, natural scenery, ecological environment and customs of the province.

Guangdong, situated in the southernmost part of the Chinese mainland, is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau to the south, while the Nanling Mountains stretch across its northern region. Its location also serves to connect the eastern and western regions of China.

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