Driving instructor shortage in Klang Valley leads to long wait times

THE high demand for driving instructors in Malaysia has led to a consistent shortage of trainers, causing delays for candidates waiting to learn to drive. This issue is particularly acute in the Klang Valley, where candidates often have to wait three to five months for their turn, as reported by NST.

Instructor Quotas

The Road Transport Department (RTD) has set quotas for instructors, allowing one instructor per car or lorry candidate and one instructor for up to five motorcycle candidates.

Shortage of Instructors

Many driving schools are struggling to meet demand due to these quotas. For instance, Rawang Driving Institutes currently has 54 instructors but needs five more.

SPM Qualification Flexibility

Some driving school managers believe that the RTD’s requirement for instructors to have a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) qualification should be more flexible. A temporary exemption for six months has been proposed to allow capable drivers without an SPM certificate to pursue certification as driving instructors. If successful, this exemption could provide job opportunities to more people and potentially be extended.

Malaysian Skills Certificate

The RTD is preparing to issue Malaysian skills certificates to prospective instructors and RTD examiners. This certification, known as the National Occupational Skill Standards for Driving Instructors or Driving Instructor Level 3, will be granted to individuals who pass all necessary training and exams.

Temporary Exemption

From July 1 to December 31, individuals without SPM qualifications can apply for the Driving School Instructors’ Certificate, as announced by Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook.

The measures taken, including the temporary exemption of SPM qualifications and the introduction of the Malaysian Skills Certificate, aim to alleviate the shortage of driving instructors and improve the efficiency of driving schools across Malaysia.