New Generation Chinese Metre-Gauge Trains to Enhance West Coast’s Electric Train Service

IN a significant development for Malaysia’s rail transit, a cutting-edge third-generation of metre-gauge trains from China is primed to elevate the Electric Train Service (ETS) experience along the West Coast as reported by The Star.

Fresh off the production line at the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) Zhuzhou Locomotive Co. Ltd in Hunan province, this state-of-the-art train was unveiled on Friday.

Ren Zewen, an electrical designer with CRRC, expressed optimism about the game-changing potential of the ETS3 in revolutionising local train transit networks. “The ETS3 promises a substantial boost in passenger capacity and operational efficiency,” Ren emphasised.

Featuring a 6-car configuration accommodating 312 seats, the train boasts a maximum speed of 160km/h and can negotiate curves with a minimum radius of 100m.

Ren highlighted the train’s enhanced power and increased battery capacity compared to its predecessors, as well as its advanced collision and fire safety capabilities.

Equipped with an intelligent driver assistance system, the train offers more efficient driving strategies through intelligent analysis of the line environment.

This project marks a significant milestone in the Belt and Road cooperation between China and Malaysia, showcasing remarkable advancements in rail transport technology.