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It is plain unthinkable that there are reported cases of receiving blank or incomplete dosages of vaccines.

Apologising or reprimanding staff on duty at vacinne centres is like quick plastering a serious act.

We have to ask some serious questions because administering an injection is no casual business. More so when it is a vaccine meant to protect against a deadly virus.

The government spends huge amounts of money to get the vaccines.

The whole nation’s healthcare machinery has to be deployed and involves near exhaustion for medical staff.

Getting people to finally want to be vaccinated is also no easy task given the choking anti-vaccine information and militancy on various social media platforms.

How could a trained, qualified medical staff who alone can administer injections therefore inject blank shots or even pump in only half measures of the tiny dose of a critical vaccine?

It beats the daylight out of us as we try to figure out this expose.

Considering the 32 million who will eventually be vaccinated, wonder what the aggregate of such serious mistakes registered would be?

The last time some expose was made, the vaccine minister rushed to reassure us that new safety standards will be added, namely, having an additional staff member to be the eyes for each and every injection administered.

Are we saying that despite this additional measure we are still getting reported incidents of criminally faulty, negligent administration of vacinne injections?

This is not about trying to make a mountain out of molehill. It is about the entire population in the country, especially the rural folk who may be totally oblivious and innocently ignorant of such failures.

We need proper and prompt answers from the health minister. And it must be immediate.

Apologies to the vaccinated or stating that disciplinary action will be taken on such negligent staffers is not the solution.

J. D. Lovrenciear

Petaling Jaya