EVERY university student has an ambition of achieving success in their lives and one of the most important phases of their academic life is university.

The success of a student at university depends a lot on their ability to choose an academic programme at university that is well suited for them and which will help them become successful later on in life.

Generally, university students commence their studies at the university with the intention of graduating with a qualification, which they would later use to find the right environment for themselves.

Students who graduate from a university with a well-recognised qualification will be able to secure stable and lucrative employment later on, thus enabling them to fulfil their life ambitions.

This does show that it is absolutely essential for university students to choose the right programme to study.

This is because a student’s ability to choose the right programme is key to their success.

There are many instances of university students choosing a certain programme to study only to regret their choice of the programme later on.

Some students have made certain bad choices in the programmes they are enrolled in and only realise later on that they may have made a mistake.

This can be due to reasons such as the programme not tapping into their skills and talents, the programme not enabling them to achieve their career ambitions and their programme choice is not very well suited for their main passion.

When this is the case, university students will graduate with a qualification that they might not use or may be compelled to work in an unsuitable job position due to their qualification.

This could make them become unsatisfied with their job and may result in them becoming overly stressed and pressured.

Generally speaking, the wrong choice of a programme when enrolling in a university can be very problematic for students, because when they graduate they will face all kinds of challenges and difficulties in the workforce, which may result in them being negatively affected physically and psychologically.

All of this shows that it is very important for university students to have a passion for choosing the right programmes to study and this is regarded as crucial to their success.

A university student who can match their academic programme of choice to their talents, skills as well as passion will be able to graduate with a qualification that can be useful to them and can be used to lay the groundwork for them to achieve their career ambitions.

The choice of the right programme will ensure that the student will not only be able to study productively during their time in university but will also enjoy their studies.

This is in stark contrast to a student who has chosen the wrong programme that is ill-suited to their requirements.

In these instances, the student will face all kinds of difficulties and problems, even when completing their studies, resulting in them facing greater challenges in the workforce.

This highlights the importance of students preparing in advance before choosing a programme they will study at a university.

The student must have passion when choosing the right programme to ensure better chances of career success.

There are some cases where experienced and learned students can choose the right programme for themselves.

This may be due to the fact that they know what they want and comprehend that they possess certain skills and talents they believe can be used to the best of their abilities if they study a certain programme of their choice.

In cases such as this, these students will have the passion required to thrive and excel in the programme they are studying.

More often than not, these students, who make the right choices in an academic programme, will graduate with flying colours.

They are also more than likely to do well when they enter the workforce.

On the other hand, certain students may not have or discovered the passion required to choose the right programme themselves and require advice and consultation from external parties.

In such a situation, they will require support from other individuals such as their parents, guardians, or even their high school teachers.

These students can engage in consultation with these individuals and they will be able to get a better understanding of what kind of programme is suitable for them.

Parents, guardians, or high school teachers can commence the process of consultation with the students by asking them what their passions are and what they intend to become when they enter the workforce, and also what they believe their talents, skills and competencies are like.

Based on the input from students, parents, guardians and high school teachers can recommend various options for the students who can then make their choices based on their preferences.

In such cases, it is likely that such kinds of students will be able to obtain a better understanding of what they want and will be able to make well-informed choices about the kind of university programme they would like to study.

In any case, the right choice of programme to study at a university depends a lot on the knowledge, experience and support that a student can acquire initially.

By having the right input and information, students will be able to make the right choice when choosing an academic programme at university and will have greater chances of becoming successful in their studies.

Assoc Prof Dr Akram Al-Khaled, senior Lecturer/head of MBA Programme, Faculty of Business, Berjaya University College. Comments: letters@thesundaily.com

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