HANGZHOU: National wushu exponent Sydney Chin ended her Asian Games debut without a medal after finishing fourth in the women’s taijiquan+taijijian finals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games at Xiaoshan Guali Sports Centre here today.

Even though the 24-year-old put on her best performance yet, scoring an overall 19.460, she still finished behind Chinese Tong Xin, who took the gold with 19.696 points, silver medallist Basma Lachkar of Brunei (19.502 points) and bronze winner Chen Suijin of Hong Kong (19.476 points).

“We can’t control the medals, so I’m a bit sad but still okay. I also finished fourth in my first South East Asian (SEA) Games, so maybe I’ll do better after this,” the 2023 Cambodian SEA Games bronze medallist told reporters today, adding that she was satisfied with her showing as her mission was to do her best for both disciplines.

Sydney also shared that the one-month intensive training in Tianjin, China ahead of the Hangzhou Games had improved her performance greatly, especially in the physical and mental aspects.

“It’s hard to focus in Malaysia, but in China I can put my full focus on it because there are no distractions. Here, I only think about training,” she said, adding that she planned to do her best at the World Championships in Texas, the United States in November.-Bernama

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