FORMER Kuala Lumpur Football Association (KLFA) president Khalid Samad.has expressed worry that Kuala Lumpur (KL) City FC may have to ‘close shop’ if the issue of players’ salary arrears is not resolved.

He said the situation will worsen for KL City if not addressed, as they risk losing key players who are unable to tolerate the ongoing situation.

“This ‘close shop’ situation might happen if not handled properly. It’s sad for these players as they are playing without pay. Players are becoming demoralised; previously I lost Bojan Hodak (former head coach), Kevin Mendoza, Romel Morales, and Akram Mahinan (players).

“If this continues, eventually KL City will have no players. If Paulo Josue (striker) has started to complain, what more about the others who are still being patient,” he said at a press conference here today.

He was responding to Josue who recently voiced concerns about his seven months’ salary arrears.

Khalid, who resigned as KLFA president in March, revealed that political maneuvering within the club’s management also forced him to step down to seek justice for the team that was once under his leadership.

“As we know, the Malaysian Football League (MFL) made schedule changes to the Malaysian League season, resulting in no matches or training in the first three months.

“This situation is challenging and complicates the payment of players’ salaries for the last three months of last year, during which we received a warning from MFL,” he said.

However, he noted that RM3 million was received to settle the salary arrears (for the last three months of last year) after his resignation.

“But now, not a sen has been received because the candidate eyeing the President’s post is not there yet,” he said.

Due to this situation, KL City are now facing three months of salary arrears starting from April this year. There were no salary issues for January, February and March as that period was outside the league season.