KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Weightlifting Federation (MWF) are set to send Mohamad Aniq Kasdan and Muhamad Aznil Bidin to be based overseas as part of their preparations to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

MWF vice-president Amirul Hamizan Ibrahim said the overseas training stint would allow them to compete against one another as they seek to finish among the world’s top 10 and earn a place in the Paris Olympics.

Mohamad Aniq is currently ranked 10th in the world while Muhamad Aznil is world number 11. Only the top 10 in the world will qualify for the Paris Olympics.

“For now, our choice is either China or Indonesia. They will be there (either in China or Indonesia) for 30 days before continuing with the final qualification next April.

“Right now, Aniq and Aznil keep overtaking each other, there’s only a one-kilogramme (kg) difference in their lifts,” he said when contacted.

However, Amirul Hamizan said both lifters would compete in the International Weightlifting Championships in Qatar on Dec 12 before they hold discussions with the Road to Gold (RTG) Committee to seek permission for their release to undergo training overseas.

“We will then look at the new world ranking because, after that, there are two more qualifiers, with the last one in Pattaya, Thailand in April 2024.

“The MWF, if possible, want to provide them with sufficient preparation so that when it comes down to the final qualifier (in Pattaya), they will be fully prepared,” he said.–Bernama

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