Tarot cards have captured the imaginations of many for centuries. Recently, tarot reading has gained popularity again, especially among youths, and the allure is understandable.

My brief encounter with tarot cards started when a schoolmate brought her deck to class. Before we could take a look, she quickly warned us that it was bad luck to touch her cards. We were children then, so we were scared off easily. I thought I had better not take any chances, since I didn’t know how to defeat bad luck, whatever it may be.

I thought about that encounter when the opportunity arose to go for a tarot reading. This time, I was definitely not letting go of my chance to meet with Malaysia’s No. 1 tarot reader Sarah May Low, and to get some questions answered once and for all!

She helped put my skepticism to rest early on, and explained that the myth behind the taboo was created to keep a customer’s roaming hands away from the tarot reader’s cards. Just like how we don’t like other people, especially strangers, touching our belongings.

Naturally, I was curious about how she got started in tarot reading. She admitted that she was initially a skeptic but had always been interested in anything that was out of the ordinary. It was only when she was studying in New Zealand that she began learning about astrology with a top astrologer there. Her interest led her to discover different forms of divination, such as I-Ching, palmistry, face feng shui and tarot reading.

Before we began, she explained that tarot reading does not tell the future. Unlike most fortune telling results, the future ‘predicted’ in a tarot reading is not set in stone. “Tarot reading is a form of divination, and we can only look up to the next 12 months, but it also depends on your free will and whether you do your homework,” she said. In short, the future is still very much in your hands no matter what is foretold.

As such, she uses tarot cards as a tool in her work as a life coach. “I use the tarot deck as a tool to guide you and to give you strategies to help you achieve certain ambitions and goals in your life,” she added.

The two main questions asked are either about love or career. While I won’t reveal the read about my career, I’ll give a little peek into the types of cards and its meaning.

We started by doing a birth date count and discovered that my birth card is The Magician. A birth card remains the same for life. In this instance, the Magician is someone who is able to carry out any plans given to them. The illustration of the elemental tools on the same card implies that I have varied interests and can pick up skills quickly. A birth date count to foresee what is out there for me this year revealed an Empress card. The Empress symbolises a rebirth, which can mean that whatever ideas I put my mind to will most likely succeed.

After shuffling the tarot deck and handing it to her, she spread the cards across the table and asked me to pick ten. Each card I picked out was arranged into a Celtic cross, spread with upside-down cards representing the past. What amazed me was while shuffling, a card flew out and it was about the long-discarded past.

The verdict? I would recommend anyone who wants to try tarot reading approach it with an open mind. Personally, I’m seeing it in a new light and it’s a fun way to get some guidance in life and then work on the outcome of your future yourself.

Interested in getting your own tarot reading? Visit www.sarahmaylow.com to find out how!

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