JAECOO eyes challenger position in C-segment SUV market

THE C-segment SUV playing field in Malaysia is rapidly expanding with an emerging range of competitive entry level to premium variants. One such contender in the segment is premium off-road SUV brand, JAECOO, a brand looking to tap into the potential of Malaysia’s growing urban elite with a taste for off-road adventure.

Alluding to the market’s early reaction to the brand, JAECOO Malaysia President, Leo Chen, said, “JAECOO is enjoying a lot of interest here in Malaysia. We believe that the JAECOO brand is very much in line with Malaysia’s emerging group of trailblazers who enjoy an active lifestyle and appreciate a vehicle that performs on any terrain with an impressive off-road driving experience. And this is exactly what we aim to deliver.”

Hosting members from the media fraternity for an Iftar meal in conjunction with Ramadhan recently, JAECOO Malaysia Vice-President, Emily Lek, elaborated about market opportunity, “JAECOO’s debut is timely as Malaysia experiences growing demand for SUVs. We believe JAECOO is well positioned as a strong challenger in the C-segment SUV market, in line with the positive sentiments from prospect customers.”

$!JAECOO eyes challenger position in C-segment SUV market

The Nielsen Global Survey of Automotive Demand reported in the past that a rising middle class would drive automotive demand in Malaysia. A decade since the report was published, Malaysia continues to see a growing middle-class which is expanding its disposable income, a trend mirrored across the ASEAN region according to the 2023 ASEAN Investment Report. JAECCO is reported to be setting its sights on this growing middle-class that is primed by an accelerating digital economy and an entrepreneurial mindset.

The SUV brand is also banking on a global trend of rising consumer inclination towards comfort and autonomous safety features, higher ground clearance, commanding driver seating position, robustness, and off-road driving capabilities, which are projected to drive the SUV market in the coming years.

JAECOO puts forward the J7, a premium off-road SUV, as its maiden launch scheduled for the first half of 2024. Currently on preview for the public, the J7 design embraces a spirit of adventure and resilience with refined style seen from its warship-inspired door handles, panoramic sunroof, fighter jet-inspired gear shifter and distinguished columnar “waterfall” grille.

$!JAECOO eyes challenger position in C-segment SUV market

Elevating safety with forward-thinking intelligent technologies, JAECOO embeds the J7 with up to 21 smart driving functions within the vehicle's advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This includes a windshield head-up-display (W-HUD) with built-in front dashcam, 64 ambient lights, 50W wireless charging with cooler and many other creature comforts ensuring that customers are not only provided with the highest level of safety but also luxury comfort.

The public are invited to preview the J7 at the JAECOO Premiere Experience from 10:00am to 10:00pm at the following locations:

● Desa Park City, K.L: 7th to 17th March 2024

● Pavilion Bukit Jalil, K.L: 19th to 23rd March 2024

● One Utama, P.J: 10th to 14th April 2024

● Mid Valley, K.L: 25th to 28th April 2024

● Paradigm Mall, JB: 15th to 19th May 2024

For more details visit www.jaecoo.com.my and JAECOO Malaysia social platforms.