New Ogawa Biovis: Powered by sophisticated ‘Overseer’ AI

OGAWA Malaysia yesterday launched the Biovis massage chair (pix), the brand’s most advanced creation to date which features a range of world-first innovations, cutting-edge AI algorithms and state-of-the-art technologies – all powered by a sophisticated AI control system known as “Overseer”.

$!New Ogawa Biovis: Powered by sophisticated ‘Overseer’ AI

The company says Biovis is its revolutionary invention that incorporates:

- KinectBack technology: Carefully crafted with ultra-precision kinetic feedback rollers, which boast 52% larger coverage of acupoints and 30% improved massage accuracy, ensuring a truly personalised experience.

- Liflex adaptive multi-angle track: Conforms to body curves for smooth massage flow and offers a recline surpassing zero gravity chairs.

- Pilaflex ankle stretching: Experience deep relaxation for your legs and feet with a 135-degree up-down swing for effective ankle stretching.

- CloudLift airbag cushioning: An anti-collapse technology with flexible airbags that fill any gaps, ensuring comfortable spine support.

- Virtual cockpit immersive experience: Integrates the chair’s Monster audio system with a 12-inch “Infinity Pad” for unmatched audio quality and the industry’s widest screen.

$!New Ogawa Biovis: Powered by sophisticated ‘Overseer’ AI

Overseer utilises enhanced AI algorithms to gather data and analyse the user’s body condition, creating a wellness program tailored specifically to each individual’s needs.

With 10,800 unique massage combinations, this next leap forward in wellness technology combines luxurious comfort with holistic health benefits.

It incorporates advanced technologies to deliver a deeply personalised massage experience, setting a new benchmark in the luxury massage chair industry and blending technological innovation with wellness advantages for a healthier and happier family.

The ultimate result is an impressive delivery of 88% effectiveness through the Sweet Dream Auto programme and 81% via the Deep Tissue Auto programme.

$!New Ogawa Biovis: Powered by sophisticated ‘Overseer’ AI

“At the core of the Ogawa Biovis experience is the Overseer AI control system. It uses advanced algorithms to assess the body’s condition every time a user sits down, creating an adaptive program that selects the appropriate massage features to destress, rejuvenate and recover,” said Ogawa Malaysia CEO and executive director Datuk Lim Mee Ling.

She said that this next-gen AI technology focuses on both physical and mental wellness, addressing modern-day issues such as work stress, poor diets and prolonged computer use.

Additionally, the Ogawa Biovis is equipped with AI precision sensors and an AI fatigue tracker to deliver a pinpoint, personalised massage experience, she said.

$!New Ogawa Biovis: Powered by sophisticated ‘Overseer’ AI

Ogawa-USM joint research

Ogawa’s ongoing joint research with Universiti Sains Malaysia aims to advance wellness technology by studying the impacts of Overseer on hypertensive and pre-hypertensive adults.

Preliminary results from this research indicate that continuous usage of an Ogawa massage chair powered by Overseer can reduce systolic blood pressure by up to 7.6% and diastolic blood pressure by up to 10%.

$!New Ogawa Biovis: Powered by sophisticated ‘Overseer’ AI

Award-winning innovation

Ogawa recently received the AI-Health Products & Services trophy at the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2024 for the revolutionary development of the next-generation Overseer. “The award underscores Ogawa’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the health and wellness technology sector. Start investing in your wellness today with Ogawa Biovis, powered by Overseer,” says the company.