A LIFE-changing event has brought immense joy to a transportation worker from Serdang, Selangor, as he secured a whopping RM18 million in Magnum 4D’s Jackpot game on June 30.

The winner, a family man, chooses to share his fortune with his brothers and sisters and their families, ensuring they all have the (financial) support they need.

In his heartfelt statement, the winner expressed his deep commitment to his family’s well-being. He emphasised his desire to see his family flourish and to provide them with the opportunities they deserve.

“Family means everything to me. This win is a blessing, and I want to make sure it benefits all of us. I am grateful for this wonderful chance to improve all our lives,” he said.

“To increase my chances of winning, I used System Play-8, a strategy that led to my remarkable win. I always play the same numbers, inspired by my family’s vehicle numbers, including 8217 and 1371, which won me the jackpot.

“I never gave up hope, consistently playing these vehicle numbers. I was confident that one day, it would pay off. This was definitely an exciting way to end June and welcome July,” he added.

The winner also shared his plans to prioritise an immediate family member’s medical care after a recent medical incident, making sure the family member receives the best treatment and support. Additionally, the winner is dedicated to securing a bright future for his five-year-old son, by providing access to a good education and a fulfilling life.

“We are thrilled to see our winner’s life change for the better,” said a Magnum 4D spokesperson, who added: “It is incredibly heart-warming to witness dreams come true and to see someone use their winning to support and uplift their family, bringing so much joy and care to their loved ones.”

“This is a true testament to the power of love and family. We are honoured that Magnum 4D played a part in this heart-warming act of generosity and love.”