SEPANG: Sunsuria Berhad, a leading property developer in Malaysia, has launched “Sunsuria Care”, a collaborative platform for Sunsuria Berhad’s community driven initiatives.

Sunsuria Care hub is one of the first initiatives with the aim to provide the basic medical services and support to their community, starting with residents of Sunsuria City.

The maiden project under the initiative was Sunsuria Care Hub, which located at Sunsuria City Celebration Centre, aims at integrating healthcare access for Sunsuria’s multigenerational residents.

Opened on daily basis, including weekends and public holidays, the centre will be managed by a doctor assisted by two trained nurses to facilitate the township’s residents in obtaining basic health advice services either face-to-face or via phone call and WhatsApp.

Among the services provided at the Care Hub, include complementary vital signs assessment and first aid assistance for residents. Residents can also request for home nursing services and rent medical equipment from the centre at a minimal fee.

Additionally, should there be an emergency, residents can also request for immediate assistance at home. The centre will also invite medical doctors to give health talk, chiropractic demonstrations, and first aid workshops to make essential healthcare knowledge accessible for all ages.

Sunsuria held a ceremony to unveil the latest offering within its flagship development Sunsuria City. Attendees include Sunsuria Executive Chairman Ter Leong Yap, Sunsuria Healthcare Chief Executive Officer Audrey Ooi and Sunsuria Care Hub Director Diana Tan.

Following the launch, Executive Chairman Ter Leong Yap shared that the company will continue investing in the healthcare business as it could enhance social well-being of the community and served as a catalyst for the creation of recurring income streams.

“We will not sacrifice long-term benefits for short-term gains” and the company has a grand plan to expand the healthcare business,” he said.

It is targeting to expand the Sunsuria Care Hub into medical clinic by end of the year, Ter said.

The maiden medical clinic will be located at Bell Avenue in Sunsuria City, which will also offer integrated primary care services that will be staffed by doctors and have imaging equipment in-house.

Apart from upscale the format, Sunsuria also aims to roll out more Care Hubs in its upcoming developments as well as existing projects, allowing for better healthcare accessibility and support for the community and the public.

“With longer life expectancy and multigenerational living as the norm in Malaysia, the Care Hub is timely and relevant. With convenient and accessible home-based healthcare services, residents can care for their family’s wellbeing amid hectic work schedules, and achieve work-life balance,” said Audrey Ooi.

She explained multigenerational family also creates a ‘sandwich generation’ consisting of those who are typically aged between 30 and 50, who have established their own households but at the same time also need to care for their parents.

“It is quite difficult for someone to focus on their family at home due to the hectic work schedule. By bringing healthcare services closer to homes, I believed Sunsuria residents can feel relieved that their loved ones have direct access to professional emergency medical assistance when they are not at home,“ she added.

Moving forward, Sunsuria will be incorporating senior-friendly features into future developments, including the Seni Residences in Sunsuria City, Bangsar Hill Park in Bangsar, and upcoming developments. These features include a designated nursing room and medical suites in the common areas, as well as wheelchair-friendly facilities such as mini-ramps, stretcher lifts, wider doorways, and grab bars in the bathrooms.

“Making wellbeing accessible extends to designing communal amenities and spaces

with the considerations of everyone in the community in mind,” said Ter.

“We want our products and services to be inclusive, accessible, and convenient to meet the different needs of the disabled, senior citizens, and young parents,” he added.

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