The perfect pillow

The bedroom should be everyone’s sanctuary because it’s where we rest and get ready for the next day. Part of ensuring a heavenly sleep other than a good mattress is to have a good, long-lasting pillow too.

I’ve asked family and friends what are some of the winning qualities they look for in pillows. The most common concerns are whether the pillow will cause neck aches, whether it’s breathable and cooling. Just like them, I’ve tried a variety of pillows from the soft, down feathers to the rock hard ones and have not found the right pillow.

So how does the Comfort Co pillow match up? I got to review the Comfort Co Miragel pillow with a 2-inch gusset and I’m happy to say it’s a sweet middle. The pillow was a dream come true because it’s soft, moulds to the shape of my head while still providing good support.

$!The perfect pillow

For those who don’t know what a gusset is, a gusset is an added spine for additional support and height to the pillow which helps with weight distribution and neck alignment. I admit I was first a little worried that the pillow might be too high so I put it to the test.

First things first, I’m both a back and side sleeper. My common gripes with pillows are when soft pillows literally go flat when I rest my head on it and I feel choked when I sleep sideways on a hard pillow. Lying down on the Comfort Co pillow felt like I was resting on a dreamy, down pillow which didn’t sink all the way to the mattress.

My head and neck were supported well with my lower back aches gone when I slept on my back. It was also comfortable when I slept on my side. I didn’t feel a weight on my neck when I turned to the sides and could breathe easily. The breathability of the pillow also meant I was kept cool and comfortable throughout the night.

I definitely woke up feeling fresher with no neck aches and no back pains. My good sleep was no doubt aided by the 2-inch gusset. I suspect it was also why I didn’t need to fluff up the pillow at all during the night.

$!The perfect pillow

What made Comfort Co Miragel such a good pillow is down to its high-quality materials. The ultra-soft down-alternative fibre in the pillows perfectly balances both comfort and support. While down pillows sink fast and require frequent fluffing, Comfort Co pillows are soft yet holds its shape.

Its 100% natural bamboo fibre outer fabric gives a soft and luxurious touch too. The bamboo fibre fabric is also naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and breathable.

If the 2-inch gusset feels high for you, the Miragel Lite offers the same comforts on a lower height. To complete your bedroom sanctuary, Comfort Co also produces Miragel pillows for children and bolsters for both adults and children.

To find out more about Comfort Co’s range of pillows and bolsters, visit

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