Transport Ministry Scrutinises Regulations for Bus Driver Accreditation Cards

The Transport Ministry is currently scrutinising regulations concerning the proposed issuance of accreditation cards for bus drivers, according to Minister Anthony Loke. The approval for issuing these cards was granted several months ago, and the finalisation of the related regulations is underway, according to NST.

“In fact, this matter was raised to us months ago, and we have actually approved the issuance of the bus driver cards subject to some regulations which are being fine-tuned,” Loke said.

The initiative for accreditation cards was suggested by Datuk Mohamad Ashfar Ali, president of the Pan Malaysian Bus Operators Association. The proposed cards aim to ensure accountability for both bus drivers and operators in the event of complaints or incidents. Currently, the Land Public Transport Agency issues accreditation cards only to e-hailing and taxi drivers.

Major Crackdown on Tour Buses

Minister Loke also addressed the ongoing major crackdown on tour buses, initiated on Monday in response to a deadly crash in Genting Highlands that claimed the lives of two Chinese tourists. As of now, a total of 351 inspections have been conducted on tour buses. The inspections have revealed several violations, including four cases of operating without a license and multiple instances of drug misuse among drivers.

“We have conducted inspections on 351 tour buses, among which there are four cases of operations without licenses, and we have taken various other actions. So far, six drivers have been detained for either misuse or failure in the urine tests to screen for drugs,” Loke stated.

Loke emphasised the seriousness of the issue, highlighting that these inspections reveal significant concerns regarding driver licensing and drug misuse. He assured that this enforcement is not seasonal and will continue across all types of vehicles, including tour buses, express buses, factory buses, and trucks.

The crackdown follows the tragic incident in Genting Highlands where two male tourists from China were killed. The victims, who died at the scene, were believed to have been trapped in their seats during the 10:40 am accident.

The Transport Ministry’s efforts to enhance bus driver accountability and ongoing enforcement actions reflect a commitment to improving road safety and addressing critical issues in the transportation sector.