ASIAN-AMERICAN star comedienne Atsuko Okatsuka is coming to Malaysia.

Best known as the only second Asian-American woman ever to get her own HBO special with her breakout 2022 The Intruder, Okatsuka is a rising star and one of the most beloved stand-up talents of Asian origin to hit the globe worldwide.

Born in Taiwan and living in Los Angeles (LA), her comedy content is a distinctive blend of observational humour, replete with cultural insights worthy of an exceptional and engaging storyteller. Okatsuka’s style also seamlessly weaves together tragic personal experiences, PTSD-loaded triggering childhood anecdotes and social commentary of society as a child and young adult growing up in Taiwan, Tokyo, and LA has garnered her a dedicated fan following globally.

Okatsuka is influenced by the likes of physical comedians such as Robin Williams, Lucille Ball and Charlie Chaplin, and “because silliness is a universal language”, she went viral during the pandemic for a social media creation she dubbed the “#DropChallenge”, inspired by Beyoncé’s Partition.

“I think there’s different approaches, ways you can approach comedy. One is anger and that is funny to people too. But that is not why I got into it. I do not like for my comedy to live in that space of anger,” shared Okatsuka about her brand of comedy.

The show will take place on July 25 at HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Tickets are on sale now.