EXPANDING beyond its traditional offerings of snacks and food, FamilyMart Japan has now broadened its offerings to clothing!

The showcased collection, named ‘Convenience Wear,‘ embodies the store’s signature colours—blue, green, and white, along with vibrant tones.

Featuring 80 distinct looks, the fashion show included jackets, tops, raincoats, scarves, and socks. The entire collection is the result of a collaboration with Hiroshi Ochiai from FACETASM, who has been involved in FamilyMart’s foray into clothing since 2021.

Notably, FamilyMart’s socks, distinguished by their blue and green signature lines, achieved instant success, with over a million pairs sold within the first year.

$!FamilyMart Japan has launched their own line of clothing, named ‘Convenience Wear’

This triumph led to the expansion of the collection, incorporating cardigans, shorts, sandals, and more.

The fashion show, held on Nov 30, creatively replicated the ambiance of the popular Japanese convenience store.

All the newly introduced clothing items will be available for purchase at FamilyMart Japan outlets and through their official website.

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