Yein&Young ‘s products are formulated with natural ingredients

CLEAN and minimalist beauty brand Yein&Young takes us back to the basics with its no-frills personal care products formulated without any harmful chemicals and preservatives simply because our skin doesn’t need it.

The homegrown brand of a year-old launched a range of products that feature a bare minimum ingredient list, is exactly what the discerning beauty enthusiasts who pays attention to their ingredient list are looking for.

The Yein&Young range consists of the Organic Liquid Castile Soap and Organic Lotion, which are crafted with non-GMO ingredients, free from parabens, sulphates, chemicals, phthalates, mineral oils and fragrances, and are vegan, gluten- and cruelty-free.

Instead, they are formulated with certified organic ingredients such as virgin argan oil, virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and shea butter. On top of that, the Organic Lotion has been lab-tested to be hypoallergenic, dermatologically and clinically tested to be mild and gentle and is proven safe for sensitive skin.

Yein&Young’s products are all unscented. For example, apart from the natural olive scent in its Organic Castile Soap, there are no other noticeable scents. The Organic Lotion, on the other hand, gives off no smell at all.

Yein&Young founder Leong Wei Yein shared: “Scent is a feel-good ingredient but it has no added benefits to the skin unless that scent is naturally derived from natural plant oils. Scents are made from synthetic chemicals, while we may enjoy the aroma, our skin and our environment can do without it which is why all Yein&Young products come unscented.”

Leong who is also a certified cosmetic chemist conducted a Rapid Insult Test by lab testing the Organic Lotion on individuals with sensitive skin over the span of 21 days and the result did not disappoint. No negative side effects were reported, making it suitable even for people struggling with various skin concerns such as eczema, rashes or psoriasis, where scented products could exacerbate the conditions.

What most people don’t know is that fragrances in skincare products are among the most common causes of sensitising and other negative skin reactions, not just for sensitive skin but for all skin types.

However, Yein&Young understands the sensorial benefits of a good scent in personal care products can help induce calm and relaxing effects. To add a personalised touch, the brand has more than 30 pure essential oils sourced from all over the world, so users can customise their products to their own liking.

Leong adds: “Yein&Young believes in empowering the user to choose unscented to reduce irritations and toxic loading. And because the range comes unscented, you can blend your own aroma using pure essential oils to provide greater therapeutic benefits.”

Yein&Young is also packed in glass bottles to reduce the use of plastics in their packaging and to ensure zero chemical leaching while being friendlier on the environment. Their back to basics principles extend even to their 100% biodegradable boxes and unlaminated printed materials.

$!Yein&Young Essential Oils. – PICTURE COURTESY OF YEIN&YOUNG

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