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The newest skincare drops by six exciting homegrown brands might just be your skin saviour

THESE exceptional local skincare brands have proved themselves worthy with their unique ingredient formulation that promises translucent glow and clear skin complexion.

To keep you on top of your skincare routine with the latest product launches, read on to find out what makes them truly special.

$!Ria Skin.

1. Ria Skin

Founder and designer Erny Yusmiarty Erizal pays equal attention to her batik clothing label Raeesa and her new skincare brand Ria Skin. She believes that skincare can empower us to care for our well-being. Thus, with the help of industry skincare experts, she has created a collection of uncomplicated skincare products to achieve healthy skin and elevate confidence.

Its Lavender Overnight Working Mask’s unique pudding-like texture contains a blend of emollient, probiotic and antioxidant ingredients including tomato extract, tangerine peel and bee venom. The leave-on mask deeply moisturises the skin for a smoother and more radiant complexion.


2. Skinned

Alissa Emalyn launched Skinned in 2019 to create gentle skincare that is compatible with all skin types and in tune with the hot and humid weather in Southeast Asia.

Most recently, the brand’s debut product Rice Serum has been reformulated without fragrance that may irritate the skin for some people. The improved plant-based serum is loaded with the same antioxidants namely rice extract, grapeseed extract, aloe juice extract and green tea extract to reveal brighter and well-hydrated skin.

In addition to that, the brand introduces its new Gleam Dream Moisturiser supercharged with a mix of peptides, allantoin and antioxidants to intensely hydrate and restore the skin barrier. It has a similar lightweight formula as the serum, and is also vegan, fragrance-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free.


3. Gloei

Simple, no-fuss skincare brand Gloei launched its debut product The Good, The Bad & The Glowing Brightening Serum in December 2020 as the all-rounder hydrating elixir for fading hyperpigmentation, brightening up dull complexion and evening out skin tone.

The serum is formulated with a blend of low concentration actives such as 1% alpha arbutin, 0.5% liquorice extract, 0.3% vitamin C and 0.3% niacinamide – making it mild and great for beginners who would like to venture into active ingredients, and for those with sensitive skin.

Despite its thick consistency, the serum absorbs quickly into the skin for immediate plumping and glowing effects throughout the day and night without moisture loss.


4. Hollaface

One of the main pillars of the science-driven skincare brand is simplicity – in keeping skincare routine and ingredient formulation to a minimum yet delivering all the benefits to the skin without compromise.

Standing by its philosophy “Gentle Formulation For All”, Hollaface lets the innovation and efficacy of its many powerhouse ingredients speak for themselves.

For example, its Pore-Clarifying Brightening Serum pairs 5% niacinamide with ascorbyl glucoside (vitamin C derivative) to clarify congested skin from sebum production, reduce blemish and fade dark spots.

But what makes Hollaface stand out from the rest is its commitment to sustainability and ingredient transparency. By using recyclable and reusable glass packaging, the brand hopes to reduce its carbon footprint while building a more sustainable skincare ritual with unnecessary waste.


5. Ruruberry

Unlike any other local skincare brands, Ruruberry takes a different approach to skincare by offering treatment serums with a minimalist ingredient list for specific skin concerns.

What you see is what you get at Ruruberry. Its refined skincare line is formulated with a clear focus on how best to treat, correct and prevent skin issues, using actives that have been proven to deliver real result.

It can be intimidating for some to get their head around unfamiliar ingredient names (which are also the name of the skincare products) but a major part of Ruruberry is built on educating consumers, and equipping them with the right knowledge to meet skin needs and expectation.

By uncovering the use of actives, consumers can be their own chemist and build an effective skincare routine. Some notable products include the 5% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid that minimises tell-tale signs of ageing, 2% BHA Solution that clears congested skin, and 100% Squalane Oil that restores skin luminosity.

$!Sefa Skin.

6. Sefa Skin

The newest homegrown brand to date, Sefa Skin joins the local beauty scene on a quest to create a community that values good and effective skincare products. However, creating a one size fits all skincare products that match all skin concerns can be difficult, but the brand hopes that the discerning audience would find it appealing.

Its new Clear Complexion Kit, featuring the Antioxidant Rich Cleansing Soap, Ferment Ample Herbal Serum and Cover to Glow Day Cream is said to treat skin concerns like acne and eczema flares to achieve clear skin.

That said, they are most suitable for dull, dry and acne-prone skin with uneven skin tone and texture. Notably, its serum is rich in skin healing ingredients such as tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties and citrus lemon fruit extract for its exfoliating effect, in addition to other vitamins and amino acids.