THE extreme hot weather in Asian countries was the inspiration for the newly launched Yuzu Perfect Glow Care skincare line.

During a recent launch in Kuala Lumpur, Cecile Bosquet, a French international trainer representing Bernard Cassiere Paris, shared that the brand is aware of the negative effects of the sun on Asian skin.

Hence, exposure to the sun and other pollutants can cause problems such as pigmentation, freckles, uneven skin tone, and premature skin ageing.

To counteract the impact of the sun and harmful pollutants, two key ingredients were involved in the creation of this skincare line – the super-lemon yuzu, and white tea extract.

At a glance, the yuzu fruit looks like a mini version of the grapefruit. Incorporated into many Asian cuisine, this citrus fruit brings many wonderful benefits when used on the skin, such as brightening, anti-ageing, and cell renewal.

On the other hand, white tea extract serves as a tremendously powerful anti-oxidant, with three times the amount of polyphenols found in green tea.

It helps protect the skin from oxidative stress, and inhibits the progress of metalloproteinases (MMP), which helps in forming collagen.

Bernard Cassiere introduced three products that can be used at home for consumers that are interested in trying out the Yuzu Perfect Glow Care skincare line – New Skin Smoothing Cream, Correcting Serum for Skin Radiance, along with the High Protection Fluid SPF 50.

All these products leave a hint of citrus scent on your skin after use.

Additional ingredients such as macadamia nut oil, hyaluronic acid, resverartol-like, and rice peptides are added into the smoothing cream. As for the correcting serum, there are extra components of vitamin C and resveratol, which supplies anti-oxidant benefits for your skin.

If you want the full experience of the yuzu and white tea extract based products, Bernard Cassiere is offering The Perfect Glow Intensive Treament, a two-hour facial treatment consisting of seven steps, at all participating salons.

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