AS it took Square Enix roughly 10 years to remake 1996 Final Fantasy VII into its two current modern games, Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, the company foresees taking two decades if they were to try and remake Final Fantasy VI (FF6) from 1996.

This sentiment came from Final Fantasy VII: Remake director Yoshinori Kitase during a recent interview with French YouTuber Julien Chieze. Kitase was also the director of FF6.

Translated from French by Shinra Archaeology Department, Kitase claims that a remake of FF6 would be bigger simply due to the sheer number of characters in the game.

The veteran game developer also says that beyond the demands of the fanbase, there are those within Square Enix that want him to helm a remake of the game.

Kitase’s views align with those of the creator of the franchise and brand, Hironobu Sakaguchi, who last year claimed that a remake of the game would be hard as it was a 2D game.

According to Sakaguchi, a lot of effort would need to go into translating the game into a 3D experience, presumably due to having to create everything from the ground up.

Despite those with intimate knowledge of game development at Square Enix saying a remake of FF6 is highly unlikely due to its arduous nature, fans may see a remake of Final Fantasy IX instead based on outlets such as Giant Bomb and Gematsu being privy to chatter within Square Enix.