GO ARA has been announced as the replacement for Go Ah Sung in the upcoming TVING drama The Love Story of Chunhwa. This change comes after Ah Sung had to withdraw from her leading role due to an unfortunate injury.

On Sept 12, it was reported that Ah Sung had sustained a sacral fracture, a serious injury between her lower back and tailbone during her personal activities. This injury posed a significant risk of nerve damage, leading her to be hospitalised. Following her doctor’s advice, she decided to suspend all her official commitments until she fully recovers.

In response to these developments, Go Ara’s agency, King Kong By Starship, confirmed her participation in The Love Story of Chunhwa. She has already received the script and is actively preparing for the filming.

The Love Story of Chunhwa is a historical romance drama that revolves around a princess who embarks on a quest to choose her own husband rather than marrying the one chosen by her father, the king. The series also explores the quest to identify the artist behind the portrayal of the princess in a chunhwa, which are artistic representations from a bygone era, often associated with sensuality.

Initially, it was announced that Ah Sung and Jang Ryul would lead the drama, with Ah Sung playing the role of Princess Hwa Ri, a princess from the lineage of the king’s legitimate wife who freely dates before deciding to find her own spouse. Now, Go Ara will step into the role of Princess Hwa Ri.

Fans can anticipate The Love Story of Chunhwa to premiere in 2024.