KFC has a special place in many of our hearts. This chicken joint has always been a go-to place not just to satisfy cravings but to celebrate good news or commemorate a special occasion.

But one couple went the extra mile by organising a KFC-themed wedding which came with a fried chicken buffet, a fried chicken bouquet and even KFC decorations.

According to Mothership, Heather Wong and Xie Peng first met each other on a dating application earlier this year and subsequently had their first date at a KFC outlet in Lot One located in Choa Chu Kang.

The KFC love train did not stop there, as it was revealed that they would regularly meet up for dates at KFC.

Wong disclosed that her love for the fried chicken franchise began when she was little. Her parents would often purchase KFC for the family and it very quickly became a sort of a comfort food.

The happy couple were soon engaged on Aug 12.

Wong, who is wheelchair-bound, explained that Xie’s personality, especially his “very high empathy”was the reason that she fell in love with him.

In pursuit of her dream to have KFC at her wedding, Wong reached out to KFC in October, inquiring if they could provide “small trinkets.”

To her joy, the fast-food chain not only agreed to participate but also sponsored half of the food.

Additionally, they offered a KFC-themed photo booth backdrop and a fried chicken bouquet.

On Nov 26, Wong and Xie celebrated their wedding with over 60 relatives and friends at a ballroom in the SAFRA Clubhouse in Choa Chu Kang.

Wong shared that guests were “shocked” upon entering the hall and witnessing the KFC-themed decorations.

She recalled their reactions, saying, “They were like [wondering], ‘What’s happening?’”

What a wedding to remember!

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