IF your go-to meal for breakfast or tea is a tasty little sausage bun, you might just lose your appetite after this.

A horrified customer posted a video of a tiny cockroach crawling amongst a row of sausage buns at a local bakery.

@teahx97 took to her TikTok account to share the seven second clip of the small cockroach in a display case full of sausage buns.

She humorously captioned her video, “The cockroach: The bread is in good condition, sir”, as a joke that the insect had entered the bread display case to inspect the baked goods.

She then added another caption in the video, “Do you still crave for sausage buns after watching this video?”

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The video has already garnered 348K views and 375 comments from equally horrified TikTok users.

Some advised the user to inform the employees at the bakery to ensure such an incident would not occur again.

“You need to tell the staff otherwise they won’t know. For example, the other day I went to a famous bakery and saw a cockroach near the cake area. I immediately informed the staff.”

While a couple of other users joked about the presence of cockroach, stating that “it was what probably made the baked goods so tasty”.

“What an excellent bakery. They didn’t forget to give additional nutrients,” joked another.


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