A diner’s curiosity got the better of him after ordering fish soup at a food court in a Singapore hospital.

The customer was taken aback when the $S5.10 (RM17.80) bowl of fish soup served to him had a meagre amount of fish slices, according to a recent post by Facebook group Complaint Singapore.

The post submitted by Yong Tow Hu earlier in the Facebook group was removed and then re-posted later.

Yong decided to try out the food stall’s offerings of fish soup that were priced at $S5.10 and $S7.50 (RM26.17).

He took the small bowl but was warned by the stall assistant beforehand of the sparse amount of fish slices which piqued his curiosity, wanting to see how many fish slices he would get.

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While Yong was served not only three and a half slices of fish but the smaller portion did not include the typical spring onion topping, also noting that customers who ordered the bigger bowl were asked if they wanted said topping which was an “insulting” experience.

Not only that, while he taking photos of the fish slices, the stall assistant rushed over to him and reiterated her warning in a rather exasperated tone to which he retorted that the stall’s fish soup was “overpriced and not as tasty” as another eatery selling the same dish.

With this, the stall assistant merely replied how costly the rent was, justifying the portion size.

After the incident, Yong came to a realisation that the stall’s pricing was merely a “strategy” to maintain appearances, in an attempt to avoid being deemed as too expensive and to “appease” the “kopitiam” crowd.

But Yong also understood that he “deserved” what he got for his insistence in wanting to purchase the fish soup despite repeated warnings of the smaller portion having so few fish slices.

Later on, the stall’s social media page left a comment replying to Yong’s post, apologising to him for the experience he had with them and have relayed the incident back to the stall owner, also looking into the matter.

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