IT is no surprise to find the litterbug habit still rampant in Malaysia no matter how many times it has been called out.

This time, one litterbug was taught a valuable lesson after casually tossing out their trash while on the road.

A TikTok video showed a foreigner picking up trash thrown earlier on the road in Cameron Highlands and tossing it back in a driver’s car.

It was said that the foreigner alighted from his vehicle as soon as he saw rubbish tossed out the Honda car’s window.

“It was a satisfying watch. So embarrassing that foreigners have to see this side of (Malaysians),” the video caption read.

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Netizens were needless to say, expressed their shame and frustration toward the litterbug tainting the country’s image with this habit.

“There are still so many lacking civic-consciousness in maintaining the cleanliness of their surroundings. Owns such a nice and big car but lacking brains,” a user commented.

“If we, as human beings, do not take care of our environment, who else will? It is good that he (the foreigner) did that,” another quipped.

“It is so simple - keep whatever rubbish you have in the car first then dispose it properly when you have reached your destination,” a netizen chimed in.

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