Against the backdrop of time’s relentless flow, an unexpected reconnection brought the echoes of the past lover back into the present, rekindling sentiments long thought to be buried.

BIRTHDAYS, a much-anticipated occasion, often unfold with unexpected surprises, adding an element of delight to the celebration.

Malaysian makeup artist Nini shared a TikTok video on her account @ninizlni, of her ex-boyfriend surprising her with a heartwarming gesture for her birthday.

Donning a Mickey Mouse costume, he joined the celebration as the beloved character, singing the birthday song, cheering her on, and staying to witness her blow out the candles on the cake, concluding the celebration with a high-five.

The highlight of the whole moment was that she had no clue that the person dressed as Mickey Mouse was her ex-boyfriend.

The surprise happened after she read the card from the bouquet of flowers that was nearby and found out that it was her ex-boyfriend that was in the Mickey Mouse costume.

A few weeks after her birthday, Nini met with her ex-boyfriend and inquired how he pulled the surprise off. She learned that he had coordinated the entire event with her friends.

The decision to wear the Mickey Mouse costume was an extra element to the surprise, as he was uncertain at the time if his presence would upset her during the birthday celebration.

Netizens were left emotional and amazed with his actions and not to mention, Nini decided to give her ex-boyfriend another chance after the party.

What a sweet gesture!

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