A former chef who had just been working for four days exposed the filthy circumstances in the kitchen at Eco Majestic Semenyih.

In a post on the X platform, user @afiqjuga shared screenshots of the eatery’s popular post in a local Facebook group.

“A snapshot of the kitchen at the Eco Majestic Semenyih café has gone viral.

“It’s unsettling to see the state of its kitchen,“ the message said.

According to allegations, the restaurant personnel resigned because they refused to give clients rotten food produced under unsanitary circumstances.

Several photos were submitted, including mouldy Asam Pedas stew, decaying meat from incorrect chiller storage, and mould-covered kitchenware.

Additionally, chemical chemicals were placed near dry food to worsen the situation and increase the possibility of cross-contamination.

In an unexpected turn of events, a man purporting to be the restaurant’s owner defended themselves, blaming the incident on a disgruntled former employee behaving maliciously.

The owner also provided a copy of the police report that refuted the charges, emphasizing that the ex-chef had only worked with them for four days.

“The so-called ‘cook from hell’ worked here and purposely ignored kitchen cleanliness, encouraging others to spread the news.

“It is inexplicable that throughout her brief tenure, this ‘infernal chef’ failed to follow cleaning regulations as ordered by management, resulting in the kitchen’s terrible state.

“Her malicious act of disseminating these pictures to discredit our business is deplorable.” He added.

However, based on NST, Facebook user Nur Farina Abdullah reported that the Health Ministry has acted against the establishment.

The unclean eatery has received a two-week interim closure order.

“The Health Ministry performed inspections and issued a 14-day Temporary Closure Order Notice, which is valid today, February 9, until February 22.”

“The closure decision was issued owing to unhygienic circumstances that endangered public health. During this time, owners have the option to address cleanliness concerns on their property.”

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