FOLLOWING the Hockey 5s World Cup match in Oman against the Netherlands, the national men’s team international ranking has propelled.

In spite of the men’s outdoor team’s 2-5 loss to the Netherlands, the national team had jumped the ranks in no time to 13th place with 1928.27 points, according to the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

In the FIH men’s team’s outdoor rankings, the Netherlands took first place with 3161.38 points while Belgium came in second place with 2948.16 points and Australia in third place with 2906.22 points.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian women’s hockey team took the 23rd spot with 1353.23 points in the International Hockey Federation.

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In the FIH women’s team’s outdoor rankings, the Netherlands dominated the charts in first place with 3583.05 points while Argentina ranked second with 2927.38 points and Germany in third place with 2831.99 points.

However, both national teams came out on top when ranked among other Southeast Asian hockey teams, according to Seasia stats in a Facebook post. The rankings were arranged based on the data taken from FIH.

In the post, the men’s hockey team still ranked first, while Indonesia came in second (29) with 937.38 points and Thailand ranked third (30) with 874.38 points.

The women’s national team, on the other hand, came in first among other Southeast Asian teams with Thailand (29) in second place with 1062 points and Singapore (30) in third place with 1033.45 points, according to Seasia stats.

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These teams’ rankings were based on the new “match based system” involving an exchange of points between two teams competing in each match and said points are calculated depending on the result of the match which are; the team’s relative rankings and the importance of the match.

The new ranking model was effective since Jan 1 2020, after receiving approval from the FIH Executive Board.

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