CAMERON HIGHLANDS still holds the top spot for holiday-goers in the country. However, it is not necessarily a good thing since the chilly destination is packed with travellers during the holiday or festive period.

Since there was a public holiday recently, many have decided to flock to Cameron Highlands for a change in pace and weather but a large number of holiday-goers did not get to enjoy the last moments of their vacation as most accommodations were fully booked.

As a result, those vacationing at the top holiday spot resorted to sleeping in their cars, according to a viral TikTok video by @tunacameron showing the many cars parked at a petrol station in Brinchang, said to have happened on July 7 at 1am.

The Tiktok user also confirmed that all accommodations were fully booked that night after checking on every travel booking website.

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“No one could get a place to stay tonight. Tomorrow, we will have to face the traffic jam for who knows how many hours. Stay strong,” captioned the video.

In response, netizens were not surprised given that this issue has been ongoing for some time.

Some even took to sharing their experiences even from childhood of sleeping in the car as they could not get a place to stay considering how the place gets crowded with travellers.

Not only that, a netizen even recalled her friend’s accommodation booking being cancelled upon their arrival.

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