NETIZENS from around the world were left speechless by video of a horror crash in Hong Kong which went viral over the weekend.

What makes the situation all the more remarkable is that no one was killed in the incident.

The crash took place along Pok Yin Road in Hong Kong’s Tai Po district at 11.16am on Saturday. CCTV footage showed a black Lotus Exige driving along the road at a high speed, until it suddenly swerved to the left and bumped into a roadside planter. This sent the vehicle flying through the air until it slammed lengthwise into a lamp post.

The impact literally split the car in two before it landed on a bicycle track, tearing off its top and exposing the driver and his passenger, who appeared stunned by the entire event.

Miraculously, both men escaped with their lives. The 42-year-old driver and 28-year old male passenger later reported chest and neck pains, respectively, and were sent to Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital for treatment.

No passers-by or cyclists were injured.

Police said the driver and passenger were sober and the crash was being investigated.

Watch the video of the terrifying crash below:

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