FOOD delivery apps in Malaysia has a tipping option, where customers can opt to give a a lil extra to thank them for their delivery services.

Most delivery riders would receive a tip of RM1 to RM3, and at most, RM10.

Now, imagine receiving a tip of RM500.

A food delivery rider recently shared his strange experience onto the Facebook group, GrabFood Rider Malaysia.

He began his post by posting a question to other food delivery riders on what was the most amount of tip they have received before informing that he had received a tip of RM500.

The man recalled that the order was actually placed by the woman’s child and once he had passed the food to the woman, she reached out her hand to give him his tip.

The man assumed that it was just the usual RM2 or RM3. To his amazement, it was RM500!

“I thought it was RM2 or RM3, but it was RM500,” said the clearly shocked man in his post.

In the post, he attached a picture of the bundle of RM50 notes.

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The rider then immediately inquired to the woman on the purpose of the money to which she replied that it was the payment for the food.

The rider informed her that the payment was already made by her child, but the woman ignored him, and went back into the house.

Under the suspicion that the woman could have been unwell, the honest man decided to return the money by placing it in the mailbox.

He took a couple of photographs of the money being placed into the mailbox and messaged the customer (the child) to inform the woman about it.

Netizens commended the rider for his actions and hoped that the man would be blessed further in the future.

“Many people call the rider stupid and dumb. Do you know that earning a lawful livelihood is obligatory? It becomes part of your body and soul. Salute to the rider who doesn’t get tempted by greed,” praised an X user.

“May this brother be blessed with abundant sustenance, may God ease his affairs, and may God guide and facilitate him in doing good deeds,” said another.

What would you do if you were in the delivery rider’s shoes?

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