FOLLOWING Singaporean comedian Jocelyn Chia’s joke on the tragic disappearance of MH370 last year, a celebrity from the West this time decided to insert the incident into his lyrics.

Eventhough the tragedy had reached global headlines, Rapper Drake had included a lyric referencing the incident in his new single “The Heart Pt. 6.”

A post on X by @Kurrco posted the controversial lyric which read: “I’ll slit your throat with the razor and do Rick Ross Air like that one flight from Malaysia.”

According to music website Genius, the verse indicates that the rapper “directly threatens to murder” rapper Rick Ross who jokingly blamed Drake on X for his flight’s emergency crash landing on Friday (May 3).

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Needless to say, Malaysians were enraged at the flight disappearance being reduced to a song lyric used to get back at rapper Kendrick Lamar who has been trading barbs with Drake with back-to-back tracks all the way in March starting with his song Metro Boomin’.

Angry netizens called the Hotline Bling singer insensitive and disrespectful.

“I lost my co-worker in MH370. It’s so low for Drake to clap back at K-Dot using this incident,” a user said.

“MH370 has traumatized many families who lost their loved ones. You must be a piece of scum if you make fun of the tragedy,” a netizen commented.

“Mentioning the tragedy just to diss someone is an insane and stupid move,” another user quipped.

Drake’s side has not responded to the backlash at the time of writing.

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