Nothing unites Asean countries more than insults from other nations.

WITH the recent Israel-Palestine conflict going on, many Malaysians and Indonesians have decided to stand with Palestine.

However, both South Eastern nations have been quite vocal about their stance in the ongoing conflict, much to the displeasure of the Israelis.

Israeli content creator Adiel Cohen has recently sparked the ire of both Malaysia and Indonesia on X, calling them the “most racist, nastiest bunch of lowlifes seen online”.

This was due to some comments by both the countries’ netizens made under an Instagram post, not disclosed what post it was.

In true Asean countries standing united fashion, Malaysian and Indonesian netizens ripped Adiel apart in the comments.

Not only that, Adiel quoted an update to his post, as if he trying to prove his point, but only managed to trigger more angry responses from both nations.

“And the comments prove it. I do not know who’s in charge of this swarm of cockroaches but I hope they’re getting paid,” he said in his update.

Besides X, Adiel also “dedicated” an Instagram story calling Malaysians and Indonesians “scums of the Earth” and that they need to turn to God.

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