Numerous fans have set up a Kento Nanami Memorial Shrine on Google Maps.

MALAYSIANS have been known to be quite enthusiastic whenever our beloved country Malaysia is being mentioned in any form TV shows, movies and dramas.

Following the conclusion of the latest episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, a well known Japanese animation (anime), fans mourned the passing of one of the series’ beloved characters, Nanami Kento.

In both the manga and anime, Nanami, facing curses, expressed his desire to settle in Malaysia, specifically in Kuantan, and build a beautiful house for himself.

Although the anime attempted to fulfill Nanami’s wish by portraying a dream sequence of him enjoying a stroll and dance on the beaches of Kuantan, fans found it unsatisfying.

To bring Nanami’s dream to life, enthusiasts in Malaysia took matters into their own hands, plastering Nanami’s posters throughout the vicinity of the beach.

Many also shared edited images of Nanami in Malaysia, and a group of fans established a Kento Nanami Memorial Shrine on Google Maps.

X user @zejsa_malker posted a tweet saying “my man is in kuantan now” with a cut out figure of the character.


A X user with the handle @douzi_69, even dressed in a Nanami cosplay, visited the beach featured in the anime to support the dedication. How amazing is that!

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