POLICE officers from the Petaling Jaya Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department went above and beyond to assist a motorcycle rider who became stuck on a highway after running out of petrol yesterday.

Their actions received considerable appreciation from netizens when a TikTok video of the event was shared on social media sites.

The police later uploaded it on their official Facebook page.

Additionally, they identified the suspects as Sergeant Azrizal Che Rahim, Lance Corporal Mohamad Zafri Rusli, Constable Wan Muhamad Amirul Wan Azrul, and Constable Muhamad Nur Iman Mohd Kamaruddin.

The video was accompanied by a comment asking other police officers to emulate them, in keeping with the phrase ‘police and society never part’.

The original video, recorded by TikTok user Nazreen Nasharuddin, shows one of the police officers supporting the stranded motorcycle by pushing the machine with his foot as they both made their way to the next gasoline station.

According to the police post, the incident occurred on the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP).

Netizens were inspired by the police officers’ selflessness, with one user, Panjang_Dodi, expressing thanks and noting that the Inspector-General of Police also posted the video on his TikTok account.

Meanwhile, Ayaq Poy stated that police and Malaysian civilians have a special connection, adding that he, too, was previously aided by police in a similar scenario.

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