A man’s attempt to catch an express bus on the highway after failing to board it on time went viral on TikTok recently.

The video, shared by DJ Yuyui, shows the man, clad in black, sprinting down the emergency lane of a near-standstill highway.

Turns out, he was chasing the express bus he accidentally missed at a rest stop (allegedly for a bathroom break!).

Thankfully, the heavy traffic fell in his favour and the video ends with the man successfully catching up to the bus and boarding just in time.

Malaysians on TikTok were both amused and relieved by the man’s predicament. Many commented on his luck – the traffic jam creating the perfect opportunity for his unique catch-up mission!

One TikTok user humorously wrote, “He is probably praying in his head, hoping the bus doesn’t go further and stays in the jam.”

Meanwhile, another chimed in “If I was the bus driver, I would head count and make sure all passengers are present.”

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