RUNNING an F&B business, you are bound to be subjected to reviews, good or bad.

To some operators, they may take the reviews as constructive criticism.

But one local restaurant on a food delivery app has been making waves online for their interesting responses towards to reviews left by their customers.

The dissatisfied customer left a two star review stating that the “the spiced fried chicken tasted sour, the portion of food was a little bit, the rice is soft and bland, and its not worth waiting for a long time.”

The restaurant who took notice of this criticism decided to counter each of the customer’s remarks, but unfortunately opted to do it in a rather dismissive manner.

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“Of course there is sour-based spiced fried chicken. Why? Do you have a problem with sour-based spice? If you do, that is your problem.

“The portion of the food was little. If you want more, order more! This is your first time purchasing with us right? Do you think all restaurant should have an SOP for food portion that follows the standard of your stomach!

“The rice was bland and soft. Are you the type to eat hard, dry rice so you’re not accustomed to eating soft rice? Nasi Hujan Panas was bland to your taste buds only. Are your taste buds alright?

“Not worth it to wait for a long time, right! So next time, please don’t buy again!” the restaurant responded.

The horrified customer then took to her Facebook to share about the comment left by the disgruntled restaurant.

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“Who is the owner of this restaurant? Their response is so rude. They seem like they can’t accept criticism. If the rice is mushy (not soft, I know the difference between soft rice and mushy rice), should we still praise it?

“Improve, take note so that the quality can be maintained in the future. If a business wants to progress and sustain, take into account negative feedback as well, don’t just indulge in praise,” she said.

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Her post very quickly went viral with many users shocked by the restaurant’s lack of professionalism.

Many users also shared that they have received similar replies to their reviews from the same restaurant.

“I’ve ordered and commented on Grab too. I was quite surprised by their response. The porridge portion was indeed small. I bought it because I wasn’t feeling well. That was my first and last time,” shared Nurul Ismail.

“Last week, I also bought their Nasi Hujan Panas. It was indeed mushy, we thought maybe they accidentally added too much water. But when we saw their reply, we won’t repeat buying from this overly arrogant seller.”

A quick check to their review page on the food delivery app showed the restaurant leaving comments on a couple of unsatisfied reviews.