RECENTLY, a touching video of a filial daughter purchasing a brand-new car for her parents has gone viral on social media.

In the video, Kak Paten revealed that her parents have never owned a brand-new vehicle. She recalled when she was a child that they had to take their dad’s 12-tire truck back to their hometown during the holiday season.

“On occasion, we would ride the bus or ride in a carpool with our family members,“ she stated.

She revealed, her eyes welling with tears, that her parents used to drive a small car, but that over time, the vehicle became less reliable and would occasionally break down.

She went on to say, “This time, I want to surprise them with a brand-new car,“ for this reason.

She misled her parents into believing she wanted to make a TikTok video, all to express her gratitude for raising her in spite of adversity. She then put the car key in her parents’ hands while they were filming. Her mother asked what the keys were, feeling perplexed, and she was told to try them out.

After her father checked the keys, they were taken aback to discover that they had been given a brand-new car.

Her parents then gave Kak Paten an embrace, as they struggled to contain their tears. After the touching video was posted online, many people commented on it.

“I believe that every child aspires to give their parents a car. Please pray for me so I can also give my mother a car. Even after my father died, my mother has never owned a car.”

Many others, however, wished they could accomplish the same for their parents and congratulated her on reaching this significant milestone.

That was very kind of her. What do you think?

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