A Malaysian man recently had a very surprising discovery when he was off on his usual routine transaction— the RM50 note he was about to deposit had a beautiful love message scribbled on it!

The man, Raj took to his Facebook page to explain how the interesting discovery occurred. It all began when Raj, in the midst of a routine deposit, discovered the green RM50 note with a message scribbled on the left side of the note, along with the date written as well.

“For my love Dinesh, may this year we will be blessed with wealth, good health and love. DKY, 20/01/2023,” were the words on the note.

Raj has even left his contact number in his Facebook post, in the hopes of reuniting the sweetly written love along with its intended recipient, Dinesh.

Netizens flooded his post with comments, tagging every single Dinesh they knew.

One netizen even commented, “Desperate Dinesh, why did you go and use that money”.

One netizen joked about how quickly Dinesh must have spent the money, given that it has been a year since the message was scribbled on the note.

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