THERE have been a number of Ramadan bazaars reported this year to have unscrupulous food safety practices, questionable hygiene and expensive food, causing many to opt cooking at home or eating elsewhere.

A man recently dubbed a bazaar in Johor for being the most expensive and claims that the target market were Singaporeans looking for Malaysian food.

A TikTok video by @pokteh_racing3 said that he initially touted the Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) Ramadan bazaar as the most expensive but another bazaar has taken up that spot.

He then revealed that it was the Taman Suria Ramadan bazaar in Johor.

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“Over there, one can find a roti john for RM40, a burger for RM30. The most cruel thing is charging RM0.50 for a plastic bag.

“It is better to ask for the price (before purchasing). I am afraid if you enter with RM100, you might leave with a plastic bag and dust,” he said in his video.

Many users agreed with the man’s sentiments, shocked at the exorbitant pricing for the usual bazaar foods.

“Bazaars in Kuala Lumpur are not as pricy as the Taman Suria bazaar. 4 pieces of popiah costs RM10,” a user commented.

“(A packet of) ‘nasi kerabu’ at that bazaar costs RM15 and above,” another user quipped.

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