LONG distance walking in Malaysia is no walk in the park. One has to deal with the blistering hot sun, motorcycles zipping about and the lack of pedestrian friendly walkways.

But one Malaysian man braved all odds.

X user, Roodran went viral after he posted about his 159 km journey, where he walked all the way from his home in Selangor to A’ Famosa in Melaka.

In a lengthy Twitter post which has since garnered 2.4 million views, Roodran posted that with almost zero training and preparation, he set out from his home in Damansara Utama on Nov 2 with nothing but the clothes on his back and a laptop bag.

In the thread, Roodran updated netizens with his adventures along with snapshots of his journey. It wasn’t all roses and sunshine as he faced a multitude of challenges along his journey.

Four hours into his journey, 15km out of 159, his shoes began to fall apart, he suffered from sunburn and blisters, walked in the pitch black night when there was no hotel, the rain and muscle fatigue.

But despite that, Roodran encountered kind-hearted Malaysians who tried to give him a lift to Melaka and highlighted the beauty of Malaysia’s natural sights.

After more than 150 km and seven days worth of walking, he finally reached his goal which was A’ Famosa in Melaka on Nov 9.

He added in the thread that he might be walking from KL to Singapore for his next journey.

In the comment section, netizens were amazed by Roodran’s resilience and were inspired by his journey.

What an impressive feat!

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