No one likes a double-parker. But if you do practise the habit of double-parking (sometimes we are left with no choice), always make sure you leave your contact number.

Recently, a woman in Malaysia was left frustrated when a double-parked car blocked her vehicle. To make matters worse, the owner of the double-park vehicle did not answer any of her phone calls.

In a TikTok post by @Alepdepay, the incident took place at Bangsar Utama where the woman was spotted pacing back and forth, waiting for the owner of the vehicle blocking her car.

However, the owner did not show up to move his car (despite the woman calling him 80 times!).

In a rush to go to the hospital, the frustrated woman was left with no choice but to book an e-hailing ride instead. But she also left a sarcastic note on the windshield of the driver’s car.

“Thank you. I have an emergency at the hospital, your car is the reason I can’t go anywhere.

“Thank you for leaving your phone number but I called 80 times and you didn’t answer. Thank you, you’re the best,“ wrote the woman.

The post which has since gotten 1.5 million views was filled with comments from netizens recalling their own stories of being blocked by double-parked cars.

“I once called the person who double-parked his car in front of mine. They rejected my call. I messaged them then only they came down to remove their car. Apparently they thought I was a scammer,” commented a netizen.