Scaling a mountain is no easy task, and it often involves packing essential tools for the journey. One man, however, went above and beyond, choosing not to travel light.

TikTok user @jvy_aolm01 has gained attention on the platform for regularly sharing videos of his Mount Kinabalu climbs.

One video, in particular, has captured widespread interest as he ascends the trail with a gas tank strapped to his back, not an empty gas tank, but a fully filled gas tank!

In the 35-second clip, the man performs quick leg stretches on the steps leading to the mountain’s summit.

Throughout the entire climb, he carries a gas tank on his back, along with other undisclosed items. Impressively, he ascends the steps effortlessly without any signs of strain.

Commended for completing the climb with a gas tank, many netizens praised his remarkable feat.

However, some users questioned why he didn’t opt for a lighter or portable gas tank for a more manageable journey.

In response, the user clarified that he collaborates with the Laban Rata Resthouse, situated approximately 3,272 metres above sea level, to transport necessary items for their customers.

He, along with his colleagues, makes daily deliveries to the lodge, including items like tables, cement, and gas tanks.

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